US School bus fleet, Hays CISD

When Don walked into the service department trying to sell this "snake oil" I was certain of his ultimate failure. The possibility of increasing fuels volatility (fuels tendency to vaporize) by installing the ECO System on the fuel rail prior to the injectors, just didn't fit the "mechanical bill". After extensive back-and-forth technical banter, Don asked if I would like to give it a try. Knowing that my 2007 Jeep Wrangler had a characteristic throttle lag and slow curve response, especially in third gear, I took him up on the offer with intent to prove my point - by proving him wrong. After the installation we took a little drive. The Jeep, never meant to be a powerhouse, was behaving like one. In a feeble attempt to save face, I drove circles in the back lot trying to duplicate previous faltering. Needless to say, I had to swallow my pride and admit defeat. Volatility obviously increased. Though I have yet to check the fuel mileage, if RVP (Reid vapor pressure) has increased, conversely less fuel is wasted, and washing of the cylinder walls averted.


Patrick Stephens, Asst. Service Manager, Red McCombs Hyundai Northwest

As Shop Foreman for Red McCombs Ford located in San Antonio. I was asked to test the ECO System for our company to see if it would be something that we would like to offer our customers. I have to say I was skeptical at first; I installed the device on my 1997 Ford Power Stroke. Before installing the ECO 3 the truck had a turbo lag and smoked considerably under hard acceleration. After installing the ECO 3 the turbo lag went away and I had instant acceleration and you can hardly even notice any smoke, my bumper no longer has any exhaust build-up, it stays clean. My fuel mileage has increased by 1.5 to 2 MPG more city driving and my highway mileage has improved from 17 to 20 MPG. Needless to say, the ECO System passed the test and it's now available at Red McCombs Ford.

Jimmy De Rocher, Red McCombs Ford

We currently have close to 130 Eco-Systems installed in our fleet, which consist of 100 Minivans and 30 Motor-Coaches. In studying our before and aftereffects we have averaged about 10-14% in fuel savings. We've also had less maintenance needed relating to fuel injectors etc. I'm sure this can be directly attributed to the addition of the Eco-Systems.

Larry Gray, Star Shuttle - Paratrans Ops. Mgr

My name is Tony Campos and I am the shop Supervisor for C-6 Disposal here in San Antonio. I was having problems with some of my Mack engines due to excessive smoke. The nature of our business is a lot of stop-n-go driving and a lot of idling as well. A sales Rep came by and told me about the ECO-Systems and the success it was having on other fleets. I decided to try it on 2 of the trucks that smoked the worst. I have to admit at first I was sceptical, but seeing is believing. I was surprised at how quickly it worked at reducing nearly all of the smoke. I then had it installed on the rest of the fleet and it performed better than I had expected. I have used the ECO-System for nearly 2 years now and recommend it to all fleets. I even use it on the Ranger Pick-up for our Sales rep and on My F350 Powerstroke. If you drive a Powerstroke 7.3 or 6.0 you need an ECO-System, it will improve your performance and fuel economy. It also makes me feel good about doing our part to help clean the air we breathe.

Tony Campos, C-6 Disposal

On 17 August 2007, B6 Enterprises agreed to have installed an ECO-Systems Fuel Vapor Enhancer on B6 Enterprises' truck 024. Our intention was to validate ECO-Systems' claim of a 10% fuel savings. At the time of installation, truck number 024 was consistently delivering 6.47 miles per gallon.

Over the course of our test, lasting 30 days, we saw an improvement of 11.6%, increasing our mileage to 7.22 miles per gallon. Based on this successful test we have installed ECO-Systems on the entirety of our fleet.
At this rate of return it will take less than one month to recoup the cost of the ECO-Systems. As a matter of fact by the time our test had ended we had already saved enough fuel to pay for the ECO-System we tested on 024.

Every day we waited to finish the testing cost B6 Enterprises money in saved fuel costs. In such an incredibly competitive industry where savings are so hard to come by we would have done better to install the ECO-Systems fleet wide at the beginning of the test and simply relied on ECO-Systems' money back guarantee to protect our investment.

My hesitation was based on the countless products that make the same claims ECO-Systems did. I have since recommended the technology to my friends, other trucking company owners, and I have allowed ECO-Systems to use my name and endorsement in their marketing efforts.

Dan Gotaas, President, B6 Enterprises

I have installed the ECO-Systems on Ford Crown Victorias, Dodge Charger Hemis, and Chevrolet pickups. We have increased the mileage by 2 - 3 miles per gallon. The most notable change was the performance. The hesitation was eliminated and the acceleration performance increased. I installed one on my Crown Victoria. I noticed the difference immediately when I accelerated. The maintenance division has checked the spark plugs. The plugs are carbon-free. When we retire a high mileage unit, we remove the ECO-System and install it on the new unit. We will continue to install the ECO-Systems on our fleet.

Jim Elliott, Chief of Police

As Sheriff of Duval County in San Diego, Texas I strive to improve on our equipment for my Deputies and Cut costs to our Taxpayers. When I was informed about the ECO-Systems I was excited to see if this product really worked. My officers often complain about the performance of our patrol cars and I wanted to see if this product would take care of the hesitation and the clattering of the engines and secondly, I am often reminded of fuel costs by other officials. After installing the ECO-Systems on our entire fleet I am glad to say this is one product that does what they say it will do. My officers are happy with the performance of our fleet. The hesitation and clattering is gone and the performance is where it should be. Our units are getting 10 to 12 percent better mileage. My Sheriff's pick-up with a 5.4 liter V-8 is now getting about 18 miles per gallon where it used to be at 15.5.

This fuel savings sure helps my budget. I encourage all law enforcement agencies to look into this product for your fleets.

Santiago Barrera, Jr., Sheriff, Duval County